In Terms of Completing Myself

In terms of completing myself, I’ve discovered quite a few things:

1- I get no bigger high than from creation. Be it writing a poem, painting a wall or baking cookies;  Even if I am the only person that ends up enjoying what I’ve made, I will gladly sit on my kitchen floor eating a plate of cookies next to my cat and marvel at what a bit of sweetness does to the soul.

2. Speaking of sweetness, I figured out that somewhere in a really challenging year and a half I lost my sense of random kindness. Yesterday I called a friend to check in on him because I heard he was sick and he said that was awfully sweet of me. I wanted to reply, “Well, duh. I’m a sweet person!” It’s good to be able to think that and actually believe it again.

3. Major life changes don’t always have to mean major friendship changes. Case and point, my best friend is married with a house in New Hampshire and I’m single in a small apartment in Chicago. If she needs to fan-girl over Craig Ferguson or complain about how she doesn’t understand kale AT ALL, she calls me.

4. There are worse things than being single, like not knowing who you are. For the first time in my life I know who I am and what I want.

5. Important people in your life will support your progress, not hold you back.

6. I’m now completely ok with saying “I have plans” and have those “plans” mean hanging out in my p.js and watching the Bruins or the Mindy Project. Some days you just need to spend time with yourself. There will be more concerts and more bars. I live near Wicker Park in Chicago-I can get into some drunken fuckery whenever I want.

7. With that being said, I’m making habit of not turning down something I haven’t done in this new city. Bars? Eh, I’ll pass. One with a piano and an open mike? I’ll be there as soon as I can get a cab.

So the key in completing yourself is pretty much doing whatever makes you happy as much as possible, and having the you-ness permeate from the inside out.

I can dig this.


One thought on “In Terms of Completing Myself

  1. #5 is beautiful and true. I sometimes think the best measurement of friendship is how well a friend supports you and how well you return that support. Great post!

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