Forever (A poem)

There is no answer
To when you will meet him, on the internet or caught at a bus stop in the rain.
While you are buying groceries with your mother, or finding the right shovel to bury your nephew’s gold fish

You might be having the best day or the worst day
Called out of that cave of your apartment on a whim or because you ran out of the chocolate icecream
that was soothing your battered heart

He could be taller than you except when you wear heels, or tree like in stature
He might have a full out beard or patches on his cheeks

He might be looking for you like his heart has been yearning years for a connection or
maybe he wants you only for a night

And you may not know the difference when you see him.

There is no answer, as to if he’ll stick around long enough to dress you in white and turn a line on your finger golden, or if he’ll leave right before you expect him to ask.
He may not even be the one that goes.

But know,

If the clock starts ticking upon your eyes meeting or time stops when you hold his hand
That your hands are still intact,

Your blood was made especially for you and it runs through every cavern of your body no matter how deeply it flutters or aches

And forever is a loose word used to describe your relation to other people, but actually fits best when you wear it yourself


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