Notes About My Mom..

..That very few people know:

-She used to be a Bacardi Girl-She met my dad after one of her bigger gigs.

-She was rumored to have been a go-go dancer in the NYC club scene
-She also did roller derby.

-One of her poems is published in a book in the Library of Congress. She had certificate from it that was hung on her bedroom wall. The poem is about God.
-She used to read tarot cards, and when she lost her deck she would read them from a deck of playing cards. The High Priestess was her card for me. I would get calls from her on the regular saying things like, “You were in my reading today, don’t be too trusting of people!” She was always right.
-Speaking of weird things about her, the first time I saw her in 5 years, after not speaking with her for the bulk of that time, I brought my yearbook when I came to visit and she was able to point out the guys I used to have crushes on and the one who would hold my hand walking in the hall. (I was in 7th grade mind you, serious shit really.)

-She once dated a famous sports player from the Florida teams, though I forget what one. She had sort of second adolescence after the courts gave my dad custody. I was angry about it for a long time, but I’m not anymore. (That transition is a story for another day.)

-Her downfall was that she couldn’t be single.

-I am more like her than I ever thought I would be. I hope I’m smarter about it than she was.

-I always tell myself that if I ever get published, when I get published, it will all be for, and because of her.


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