When I take my feet to my pedals I feel the road tread beneath my tires and for the first time I know movement.
Progress doesn’t happen without tread. Use grit to your advantage.

If the breath bites you leaving your lungs, let it sting.

You can’t make art if you’ve never worked through a hit. I’ve clawed my way through disaster, don’t be fooled by my soft hands.

I’m so unearthed, like my DNA has been reset. My face is a new language I’m just learning to read.

I cut way back on my drinking so I feel things a little harder. I’m still not sure how to deal with all that I see ,but I sleep deeper at night and I wake up feeling rested.

I don’t love home the way I used to. I don’t love its people the same way. I want you to know that when I took a step back from it, I took a leap into myself.

I will always be emotional, and that’s made me more resilient. I leave my heart wide open now because everyone’s dark secret has something to do with hurt. I’d rather be a walking target. I can’t guarantee I won’t be closed off again but mark my words I’ll fight harder to stay liberated.


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