6lbs 9oz

You were born being adored fearlessly, by many-in the way it is impossible to love someone else but a child.

I can’t say how it felt to anyone else but me, and while you will be too little for a long time to know what it all means.
I want you to know that you being born felt a thousand coffee trips with your mother, the beach way to our favorite coffee shop-taking our favorite roads in the area we grew up. My passenger side was one of the places she let me be older. She’s still the funniest person I know.
The rest of the world stopped to a hand full of people though I’m sure yours was spinning.
We met you by weight first. “6 lbs 9oz” a tiny frame for such a raucous yell. You were too big to pass through your mother. (She’s 5 foot nothing by the way, in case you never see her without high heels on) Then I learned your name, and saw your face through a phone screen a thousand miles away.
I never smiled so wide- I know I say that a lot. But honestly it’d been a long while since I felt like that-so connected to what love means.
It’s family without the blood, the petty things you’d give up for things like 14 hour road trips just to hold a baby for the first time.

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