Let’s Date Ourselves

Meghan sat down on the couch bed in my kitchen and took a sip of her water.

“I’ve decided to date myself.”

This is hardly an exciting concept, except when you take into consideration that often times, we treat lovers kinder than we treat ourselves.

Truth is, Meghan and I have seen it all- the casual hookups to the long term relationships, the false starts to the “ones that got away.” We are 26 and jaded. Society is still telling us we should be locked in with our future spouses, even though we are not ones for white picket fences.

“No one knows really how to love anymore. Least not to me. I don’t want want to be that way.”

Self preservation at its finest.

I tell you readers, I’m damn close to believing men don’t have feelings. How absurd is that?

So we date ourselves.

We’ll take baths instead of showers, go to sleep a half hour early so we can slowly enjoy our mornings. We will sped the extra 5 dollars for self indulgence even on weeks we can’t afford it.

We will cut out as much as we can of that of which does not bring us joy- people, places, things.

Pick up the bottle only among friends.

Our wellness is our number one priority and we are dedicated to treating ourselves wonderfully.


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