The best text-courtesy of my sister.

Today is the big 2-7 and why I am only a day older in theory, it feels a little weird? With most of my people being thousand miles away, it’s made me a little nostalgic for birthday’s past. For some strange reason, important days like holidays and birthdays always resurface the. ” WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO?!” feeling.

Anyway, while I’m aware I technically already did a birthday post, I’m going to one today in honor of the things I’m grateful for and the things I hope to accomplish. I’m also giving you a few unknown facts about me, because why not? The magic number is of course 27.


Nine Facts You May Not Know About Me

1. I actually really like kids.

2. I recently became afraid of flying. Trying to work on that before my trip back to New England this summer.

3. I love old things- abandoned buildings, old books, history etc.

4. I love sea glass and found jewelry.

5.  I’m not into movies. Sure I’ll watch one if it’s on but I would rather read, write, or do some DIY project.

6. That said, “Mulan” is my favorite Disney movie. “The Shining” is my favorite horror type movie.

7. The only pizza I really enjoy is of the homemade variety.

8. I went to art school my first year of college before transferring and switching my major to English.

9. Even though I’m really open on paper, I’m pretty guarded in real life.  Working on that.
Nine Things I’m Grateful For
1. My niece. Good god, that baby is perfect.

2. The friends I’ve made in Chicago and the friends/ family I’ve kept in touch with back east.

3. Technology for making the first two possible and easier.

3. Key Lime flavored baked goods and sweets.

4. The ocean, for feeling like home always, even though I’m far away.

5. My audacity. Can I say that? I’m grateful that my crazy little road has allowed me to become that person.

6. How quiet and wonderful the first cup of coffee is.

7. The gypsy-ness I inherited from my mother, and the logic and stoicism I inherited from my father.

8.  Poetry, for making me feel human during the times it’s hard too.

9. My ability to express myself through my words and that people have responded to my work thus far.

Nine Goals for my 27th Year

1.  Get my finances in order- once and for all!

2. Get another tattoo.

3. Visit 4 places I’ve never been to.

4. Continue to get published electronically.

5. Get published in print!

6. Continue to develop my wellness through yoga, biking, meditation, and eating right.

7.  Get 5 literary suggestions from friends and read them.

8.  Anchor myself more in this city.

9.  Do some volunteer work somewhere.

How about you guys? What are some facts about you? What are you grateful for? What are your goals?


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