Wonderfully Crazy People




I am of the firm belief that sometimes you have to do something completely out of your character in order to further understand yourself. While that was not the intention of me purchasing these bright pink sneakers, I feel like I did just that today-level up in my understanding of Jess.

I’ve never been a runner. Granted I tried once or twice but wasn’t able to really get into it. Yoga and biking have more or less been my methods of wellness and exercise. (Biking since forever and yoga in my adult life.) With my yoga instructor flaking out on classes lately, I’ve been in dire need of a workout. I went to TJ Maxx downtown with my friend, Jackie and fell in love with an ugly pair of sketchers. For whatever reason, I got this happy giddy feeling looking down at my feet and seeing a day-glow version of a color I don’t normally wear. When I got home, I changed out of my clothes into a pair of yoga leggings, sports bra, hoodie, beanie, and of course, the neons.I stretched for a couple minutes before leaving my apartment. Then, I was off.

I began a slow jog after crossing the street. I read somewhere that on your first run, you should do a 2:1 ration of running vs walking, just to get your body used to it. I told myself I would slowly jog for two songs on my Ipod, and then walk one, but at the end of my second song I wanted to keep jogging-so I did.

Focusing on my breathing, in through the nose out through the mouth, I was able to keep a steady, comfortable pace. Around the middle of my second mile I grew tired and walked for the duration of one song, before picking up as the last few guitar chords echoed in my ears. I caught myself  in the reflection of a store window as I was passing by and noticed that I wasn’t slowly jogging anymore, I was actually running! This is a HUGE deal for me, as I’ve joked in the past that I only run for the bus, or if I’m being chased. I always admired anyone that would go for a run just because they wanted to, and could never see myself doing such a thing.

But here I was, on a mild, late winter day-running and surprisingly enjoying myself. When I got home, I collapsed on my couch. As exhausted as I was, I felt incredible. I plotted the route that I took and discovered that it was 4.5 miles- 4 of which I ran.My first time going on a run and I ran 4 miles. (I will likely gloat about this forever.)

The best part is, after it all, my mind was completely clear. I’ve retained this state of contentment that I couldn’t even get out of yoga. Two hours later, with my muscles a little achy, I am very much at peace.

As recently as yesterday, I couldn’t help but think runners were wonderfully crazy, feeling like there was no way I could ever just go on a jog, never mind a lengthy one. Today I became one of those wonderfully crazy people. I feel fantastic and can’t wait for my next run.


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