I Am Not Going to Coddle You

I am not going to coddle you.
I am not going to coddle you because you’re strong, and don’t need it.
Sure, I know you’re crying and that you might need someone to listen.
You lost your cat, your lover, you failed at something.
I know it it sucks, but you don’t need me to tell you that.
And you don’t need me to put my arms around you and tell you that things will get better, because you know that yourself.
You need me to pick apart your brain and guide you to a way, while you wipe your nose on your sleeve and try to control your shakes, where you find the solution.
Your rape was awful. Have you thought of a therapist. If there is anyone who can handle someone forcing their dick inside you, it’s you.
It is the worst that your parent died, but if there is anyone that can regenerate their emotional attachment to half their genetic identity and still come back swinging, it’s you!
You really should not put your feelings so much into your job, that way when you fail it won’t hurt you so much.
You’re tougher than that.
You’re tougher than that.
Don’t you realize, you are better than that?

I am not going to coddle you, because there are women with simpler brains, and prettier hair that cry when they see babies and they need my hands more than you do.

I am not going to coddle you because I did not raise you to be the woman that you are, I raised you to be the man I thought you would have grown into by now.

I am not going to coddle you because i do not know how to handle seeing my hero fall.

Instead I am going to tell you how strong you are, and hope that you are too beside yourself to express your disappointment in me.

Because while I tell you that you are strong, I hope you are not strong enough to realize that you are better spending time with someone who doesn’t disregard your feelings like I do, by providing some half willed back handed compliment that will only make you feel worse when you don’t live up to that expectation.


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