2014 The Year Where All Kinds of Crazy Shit Happened, But I Learned A Lot So That’s Cool I Guess?

I’m curled up in the reading nook in my apartment, drinking coffee out of a mug that my department got me for a Christmas.


Great find, right?

While I reckon that the next 365 days of my life, can start whenever I decide they’re going to, something about opening a crisp new calendar makes me feel like it’s a good time to sit and reflect on the past, and set some solid goals. So here I go! Below is a list of things that happened and stuff I learned in 2014. Drum roll please…

2014 The Year Where All Kinds of Crazy Shit Happened, But I Learned A Lot So That’s Cool I Guess?

1. I drove to and from Boston, twice. The first time, I got stuck in the polar vortex and ended up driving straight for 26 hours. Still not sure how I did that. The second time, I80 in PA iced over and I had to spend an evening at a truck stop motel. While there, I found myself one choice away from having an orgy. (Not even lying about that one. That story is one to follow.)

2. I met my niece for the first time, and got to hang out with her again a couple weeks before she turned one. I further realized that the auntie life is totally for me. The motherhood life? Not so much.


Little one, I will one day teach you things, and sneak you sweets when you’re mother isn’t looking.

3. I followed my gut, left a job I hated and moved on to one I love- further proving my point: IF YOU ARE MISERABLE, FIX IT. I DON’T CARE HOW SCARED YOU ARE.

4. I had several adventures of the sexual variety, and I dated A LOT. One thing I realized from all those false starts and mini relationships is that no one is worth waiting by the phone for. That’s right, I didn’t move a thousand miles away from home, with no job, two suitcases, and 3 grand in savings just to be had by some fucking man child that doesn’t know how to communicate.

5.  I got to see two of my favorite bands, IN THE SAME SHOW.

LJG Fallon

(Against Me and Gaslight Anthem. Still swooning pretty hard over this.)

6. I learned that attitude is everything. You know what improves attitude? Looking nice. Not even kidding. Put time into your appearance and you will feel much better than if you didn’t.

7. This in mind, I figured out that you get to a point in your adulthood where you can no longer do cheap beer or cheap shoes. That point happened three weeks ago for me. (Proceeds to cancel subscription to Just Fab.)

8. Going off of this, I graduated from liking beer, to preferring wine. This is something to make note of because I’ve been a beer snob for nearly half a decade, which is longer than most of the small children in my life have been alive. It’s a personal goal of mine in every memory my niece has of me, I will be holding a coffee mug or a wine glass.

9. I got to see my hockey team live, AND THEY WON. (Not something they’ve been doing a whole lot of lately.)


9. I got to attend the much anticipated wedding of one of my friends, and got to hang out with this lady.


10. I had a lot of my writing got published in places like Rebelle Society, Days of Y’Orr, Thought Catalog, and Hello Giggles. Through this, I was able to connect with people on a deeper level than I had originally thought.

11. My dad and my stepmom came to visit in August. This is what most of the trip looked like.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 12.15.00 PM

11. I moved 3X. Not even going to get into that one, but I hope I’m in this current place for a while.

12. I lost a good friend to addiction and had a lot of mixed feelings about it.

13. I modled for my friend Claudia, designer of Neon Bomb.  (It’s DIY Punk fashion. You should totally check it out.)

14. I met Kate IRL for the first time and LOVED HER.

14. I finally accepted Lake Michigan as an adequate substitute for the ocean.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 12.15.50 PM

15. I took up running, first to compensate for my lack of biking in the cold, then because it genuinely did wonders for me emotionally.

16. The biggest thing I learned this year, was to be alone without feeling lonely, and to cherish those few moments of goddamn peace and quiet because they don’t happen nearly enough.

And While I’m At It, Goals For 2015:

1. To run a 10K in the spring, and then a half marathon in the fall.

2. To knit some fucking scarves.

3. Continue to get better at my job.

4. Go on a vacation that doesn’t involve just visiting Boston.

5. Keep my momentum with my writing, and get paid to do it. Also, get a piece in print.

6. Upgrade my wardrobe to reflect my current fashion tastes.

7. Upgrade my food consumption to reflect my slowing metabolism.

Hopes for 2015:

1. Chris Kelly finally gets the respect he deserves.

2. More friends come to visit me in Chicago.

3. Sustainable romance happens, and if not, than I hope I don’t let it kill my confidence.

4. This actually happens.


5. My readers have an amazing 2015!

I’ll keep you posted everything goes. Thanks for reading guys and gals. Be well, eat your vegetables, and try not to be jerks to each other, okay?

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 12.16.47 PM


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