Public Crying and the Piccolo Girl

Sundays I like to spend most of my morning clicking around on Buzzfeed. It’s a solid way to start the day, especially if I’m procrastinating work related things like I am today.

In today’s aimless clicking, I stumbled across this article, (if that’s what you call this profound example of sports journalism) about a Villanova piccolo player who started crying, likely because her  team got kicked out of March Madness, and then was promptly turned into a meme.

This pisses me off for multiple reasons:

1. It’s hard enough being a female sports fan anyway.

I’ve written about this a couple of times, but mainly as a guest post on Day’s of Y’Orr. We as female sports fans have to constantly justify our knowledge around men, we are frequently accused of only being into a game because of a dude, and on top of that, we have to put in quite an effort to find team apparel that’s not pink and/or without glitter. I credit any person, never mind woman, that get’s so into their team, that they get emotional over a loss. That’s dedication. Seriously, go with your bad self, Piccolo Girl.

Also, I’m not even going to get into how I have to say “female sports fan,” as a distinction, like those two things are mutually exclusive.

2. They’re making fun of her crying.

So if I don’t express my feelings, I’m seen as cold. If I express anger, I am a bitch. If I express sadness publicly I am considered weak and am subject to ridicule. She could have been crying because overall she had a rough day. Maybe her cat died. Maybe her significant other was being a jerk, maybe she was just simply really bummed out about the loss. Bottom line, it is never okay to make fun of anyone for crying. Ever. Furthermore, making fun of her to the point where you feel the need to make a meme of it? Fuck you. I hope that level of empathy and understanding leads you to a really healthy relationship some day because clearly you would have the capability to have something like that.

3. She’s likely humiliated into not expressing her feelings openly.

Long term damage people. That kind of humiliation has the capacity to mess up someone’s psyche, especially someone that young. When you’re in college, you’re just starting to build the kind of confidence that will allow you to brush things off as you enter further into adulthood. The majority of college kids don’t possess those those skills yet. Being made as a joke online would embarrass even the toughest adult. Imagine what it does to a college age girl.

I think what’s more embarrassing though, is that people think that’s okay. It’s not. It’s really not.

4. She literally nothing wrong. 

Ok so she cried because her team lost. I cry over sad commercials and when my estrogen levels are off balance. Even if you think she cried over something you consider stupid, I’m sure you’ve cried over something she would consider stupid too.

Can you just let people live without sitting there waiting for the chance to be an asshole?

So Villanova Piccolo Girl, if you read this, and I hope you do, there are more people in this world who understand your feelings than people who are jerks. Do not see this stupid thing as an insult to you, or your character. I think it’s wonderful how passionate you are about your team. Any team should be lucky enough to have fans like that.

And if it counts for anything, I cry over my team’s losses too sometimes.


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