There are some things you just always know. For example, I knew the first time I got Slurpies at the local 711 with the girl down the street that I could do nothing with this person and never get bored. As middle school aged girls, I would walk the half mile to her house and we would go to the swing set at the local park just do daydream. Often times we wouldn’t say anything at all.

As we grew, we moved from swing sets to long car rides, getting coffee and driving for hours along the coastline. As the years passed, and time dragged us in seemingly different directions, the routes would change, and the song on the radio would change, but the feeling would stay the same. My best friend to me feels like the first sip of coffee in the morning. She’s rolling down the windows by the water even when it’s 20 degrees outside because I hadn’t seen the ocean in almost a year. My best friend is the inappropriate joke I keep to myself in most other companies, but not hers.

So when her correspondences started coming with more of an urgency, I knew there was something wrong. Historically, I’ve been the accident. I’ve been the mistake that keeps getting made over all. To people without knowledge of our history or character, one could easily see my rough edges as frays that interfere with her otherwise flawless seam. Little do they know that while she dresses for the dinner, and I for the party, we are both equally down for both. The beauty of our compliments to each other is that when things get a little messy on her end, she knows just who to go to.

It’s as simple as pressing “rewind” on a playlist of our favorite songs. It’s as natural as waking up an hour early accidentally only to have her call come through my phone seconds later. It’s the confidence in knowing that where I lack, she will be, and where she lacks, I will be.


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