Writing and Bullshit

I just submitted in my short story for the 10th Annual NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge.

Pretty much I was given a genre, a subject, and a character and I had to write a story in 2500 words or less. My story had to be a mystery involving a breakup and a gas station attendant.

I want to say I killed it, but I probably didn’t and that’s not me being insecure either. This is really the first fiction piece I’ve done in my adult life and because of that, it was a little terrifying for me. I probably wasn’t as prepared as I could have been. While the piece isn’t terrible, it’s not great either.

That aside, I enjoyed the freedom of writing fiction. I might end up developing the story later just for my own enjoyment. I fell in love with the plot line and the characters. So even if I don’t move onto the next round, at least I got that out of the deal.



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