J. Krista Merighi is a Boston soul with a Chicago heart.  A hockey fanatic with a deep passion for spoken-word poetry, she is a reminder that we are all multi-faceted people and that it is downright impossible to put us into any set, narrow, category.

Merighi gives a voice to the experiences that transcend words sometimes.  She takes the chaos of complex emotions and lays them out for the reader.  Her writing is simultaneously raw and poetic, vulnerable and snarky.  Her work reminds us that our entire lives are a form of poetry, from the heartbreaking moments to the everyday actions.

Her work has been featured on Thought Catalog, Rebelle Society, Literally Darling, Hello Giggles, Days of Y’Orr, and Vagina: The Zine.  When not writing, J can be found seeing exactly what her adopted city of Chicago is made of. You can reach her via email at jesskristamerighi@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I recently came across an article you wrote for Hellogiggles about a social experiment. I did that awhile ago and it was incredibly refreshing. Anyway, just wanted to say how impressive your portfolio is and how much I admire your work. I sorta wanna write (and actually get paid for it) one day so it’s lovely to read your posts here. Thanks!

  2. I read your article on HelloGiggles and just about a year ago I had an article on there about my struggle with self harming too. I couldn’t agree more about it being a high priority topic that needs to be discussed more. So I thank you for putting your story out there and I feel so lucky to have read it.

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